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Store Ownership History

In the 1920s, this site was the location of a country store named Mingee's. At that time, Harpersville Road was actually Rt 17 and the store was located at the edge of town. People traveling north to DC took this route and the store served as the last place to get gas on the trip north. Sometime during/after WW2, the owner of the store actually had caged animals (including a BEAR!) as an attraction for the residents to come to shop. Prior to the burning of the store we actually had a photo of the bear. If you have any old photos of the store and especially of the animals, please help us to get a copy.

The next known operator was Ms. Grimes, who ran the store under her own name (Grimes) until 1972, at which time she sold the store to Earl game and Al Hatfield.

Within a few years, Earl purchased Al's shares and began operating the store on his own.

About 1980, the store rebuilt and remodeled with a significant addition again in the early 1990s.

In February 2007, the store had an electrical fire and burned completely to the ground, but by December of the same year, the lot was cleared and the store was completely reconstructed and operating.

Earl Game died in March, 2010 and the family continues to run the business.

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